Red Wolf Energy Trading

About Us

Red Wolf Energy Trading is a privately held energy trading firm headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina with working offices in five states.

Incorporated in 2008 by sole owner and CEO, Wesley Allen, Red Wolf Energy Trading initially focused exclusively on financial transactions within the PJM market. In 2010, Red Wolf Energy Trading began its first round of expansions with the addition of Miso market participation. In late 2012, Red Wolf Energy Trading also added the NYISO and ERCOT markets to the firm’s expanding portfolio.

Red Wolf Energy Trading and its subsidiaries continue to focus on growth with careful and deliberate movement into new markets and products. We currently seek experienced power traders with a proven record of success inside the MISO footprint.

Areas Red Wolf trades

Currently Red Wolf trades electricity and provides liquidity in the physical and financial markets in 25 states, the District of Columbia and the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Who We Are

Wesley Allen, CEO

A 1998 graduate of NC State University, Wesley Allen has spent the past 16 years in the power industry. In his early career, Mr. Allen interned for CP&L where he evaluated weather and power plant data. Quickly he transitioned to trading in the real time markets and by 2002 managed the daily operations of what was then Progress Energy’s merchant fleet of power plants. By 2003, Mr. Allen was trading next day power for the Georgia Electric Cooperatives and Jackson EMC full requirement deals as well as long term power and natural gas for Progress Ventures, the unregulated arm of Progress Energy. Following the divestment of Progress Ventures, Wesley joined Acrlight Energy Marketing where he traded in the PJM market until the inception of Red Wolf Energy Trading in 2008. While actively trading, Mr. Allen also spends a great deal of time participating in the stakeholder processes, committees and subcommittees as each relate to regulatory, compliance and product analysis.

Adam Christian, Director of Information Technology, Senior Energy Trader

After studying Software Engineering at the University Of Delaware, Adam Christian began his career in the power industry in 2007. Initially working for Conectiv Energy, where he gathered daily ISO market data and wrote analysis software to discover opportunities within the markets. In 2010 at the dissolution of Conectiv Energy, Mr. Christian joined Red Wolf Energy Trading as Director of Information Technology. Mr. Christian oversees trade entry and settlement, risk parameters and compliance surveillance software programs for each of Red Wolf Energy Trading’s three ISO markets. Beginning in 2010, Adam added Energy Trader to his resume, where he successfully trades within the PJM and MISO markets.

Julius McAdams, Senior Energy Trader

Julius McAdams joined Red Wolf Energy Trading in 2011, marking the beginning of his career in the power industry. A 1998 graduate of East Carolina University, Mr. McAdams specialized in the Up To Congestion product within the PJM market. Actively involved with the ongoing regulatory and compliance processes and product analysis within PJM and the current Miso evaluation of spread bid products, Julius continues to gain valuable industry experience.

Sachin Jasani, Senior Applications Developer

A graduate of the University of Delaware, Sachin Jasani worked as a system programmer for CSC prior to joining Red Wolf Energy Trading in 2011. Mr. Jasani works closely with each trader to continuously improve and customize the functionality of our trade entry software, data processing and report generation. Sachin develops and maintains integrated programming that supports Red Wolf Energy Trading’s risk management and compliance policies.

René Francoeur, Senior Energy Trader

After starting his undergrad in Actuarial Studies, René completed his degree in finance from Laval University in Canada. In 2001, he began his career in the power industry first as a scheduler then a generation specialist for Allegheny Energy Supply in NYC. He later went on to Bank of America to work on their physical power trading initiative. In 2003, he cofounded Black Oak Energy where he made his debut trading electricity and also served as the CFO of the firm. René has been active in the ISNO, NYISO, PJM and MISO markets during his career and joined Red Wolf Energy Trading in 2014 after some time off from the industry. He is looking forward to contributing to the team with his vast experience in the industry.

Jason Cognetta, Senior Energy Trader

A 1999 graduate of St. John’s University with a B.A. in Economics, Jason began trading in 2001 initially at US Bancorp Piper Jaffray. In 2002, he joined Cargill on their Real Time trading desk identifying volatility and capturing real time market arbitrage opportunities. Later he would become a Region Trader (Mid-Con) where he was responsible for regional procurement, trading and hedging functions of power positions in the MISO and PJM markets. From 2008 until joining Red Wolf Energy Trading in mid 2014, Jason remained at Cargill as a Senior Trader on the Structured Trading Desk. With a focus on non-standard transactions in MISO and PJM, he was responsible for pricing, assessing risk, formulating hedging strategies and trading around all term positions under management in the portfolio through cash settlements.